The Active Exhaust on the 2019 Ford Mustang Brings Back the Muscle Car Roar

The Ford Mustang has remained a popular vehicle since it debuted. The cars are well-known for their power and performance. An upgrade in the exhaust system enables owners to create the roar reminiscent of the yesteryear muscle car era. Stop in our Streator, IL location and see the new 2019 Mustangs.

Engineers developed the concept of adjustable exhaust audio effects, which were first installed in the Ford Shelby GT350 in 2015. Now, the Mustang shares the technology. The interactive exhaust enables the driver to control the sound level and intensity. The exhaust has four adjustable modes. Tune the sound from quiet or normal to sport or track by simply flipping a switch on the console.

You cannot fully appreciate the innovative enhancement until you stop by your local Star Ford Inc., and take one of our Ford Mustangs for a drive. Get in touch with the good old days.

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