Two Exciting Ford Fusion Energi Performance Features

The staff at Star Ford Inc. were excited when the new Ford Fusion Energi arrived on the lot. Today we get to discuss a few features that have boosted the popularity of this plug-in hybrid.

When the Ford Fusion Energi is rolling down the highway, that is when the driver will appreciate the Blind Spot Information System. Scanning the rear of the vehicle by way of sensors, the system can recognize if another vehicle is in an adjacent lane or blind spot and flash your side mirror a warning, so you do not leave your lane until that vehicle has moved on.

When you activate the Adaptive Cruise Control in your Ford Fusion Energi, you'll be able to enjoy more than setting your desired speed. This system can identify a lead vehicle and create a driving buffer, accelerating and braking automatically so that you always have that safe distance to the car ahead.

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